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a modest introduction
~ Tuesday, September 4 ~

What you’ll need:

Beeswax (we got it from Walmart), Candles or paraffin wax (same thing), a stirrin’ spoon and two pots (one big pot and one that fits inside it). Oh and a blowdryer!

Fill the bigger pot just enough that the smaller one is floating in it and the water comes up the sides a bit.

Put the stove on high and add both kinds of wax. The measurements depend on how crackly you want the denim to look. If you want the creases to be more intense, use more paraffin wax and if you want it more even and smooth use more beeswax!

While they melt, take out the candle wicks… 

Stir the melted waxes together and pour into a container. Let it harden overnight!!

The next day… Find some jeans!! We chose soft denim. It must be a natural material, synthetic material will not absorb the wax. 

Break off a piece of the hardened wax (or use the whole bar if it holds together) and rub it on the denim.

Blow dry and watch it melt into the fabric.

REPEAT!! Keep doing it in the same spot until you see the results you like or it won’t continue to go on. EASY!

by Celia (but mostly by her sister Georgia)

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