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~ Tuesday, July 24 ~

5 Great: Lipsticks for Girl Monsters

art by Kailey

So if you know me at all you know I’m obsessed with makeup, and most specifically, lip products that scare my father. I’m attracted to lipsticks that aren’t your traditional red, pinks, nudes. Since I’m sure it’s up your alley to I thought I’d introduce you to my favorite brands & colors. 

1 & 2. OCC Lip Tar ($14 each) - I have a long standing love affair with these and own 10 of them. My faves — RX, Belladonna. I did a little video overview of things you need to know about Lip Tar before you buy it, here. But basically, it’s this super pigmented liquid lipstick. You need like, two or three tiny drops of it and a qtip or a lip brush to apply it. The color you see in the tube is exactly the color you will get on your lips, regardless of your skin color. Here are photos of them on me:

This is RX.  

This is Belladonna. 

I have swatches of other ones here. Some more wearable shades are Anime & NSFW. I really love all of them though and I think if you’re going to buy a lip tar you should get a really bizarre shade because it’s hard to find weird colors that last so long and are so pigmented!

3. Illamasqua Kontrol ($22) This is a dark purple matte. I’m really obsessed with this & usually wear it to parties because it makes me feel super fierce. It lasts a long time and is not drying, though Illamasqua definitely doesn’t have creamy formulas. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to find in stores because it’s perpetually sold out at Sephora locations or just isn’t sold at all, so you’d best buy this online. I really want to try out Apocalips, which is a dark teal. 

4 & 5. Portland Black Lipstick Company Lipstick in Difficult Island & Indigo Bridge ($9) - I found this company through my friend’s review, so I ended up with a few samples. The customer service is absolutely excellent! I don’t have pictures of them on me (sorry) to show but I like them a lot. 

These are just the ones I enjoy the most, but here are some companies that also do weird lipsticks that seem promising:

Noticeably absent is Limecrime, which I personally hugely dislike & find to be a shady brand because of their business practices which you can read about here, and I will never recommend them. A lot of people buy their stuff because they don’t know of these other great brands but trust, these alternative brands have really cool stuff and aren’t run by a shady person.

- Arabelle

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